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Review: “House Girl” Spotlights The Harsh Reality Of Domestic Maids

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Are you looking for a short film to watch this weekend? Then “House Girl” is that short film you should watch.


Jennifer visits Ghana to spend the holiday with her Aunty, Barbara. On getting there, she meets Efua, who is the Aunty’s domestic servant or house girl.


In the process of folding Jennifer’s dresses in the wardrobe, Efua admires a particular dress and attempts to try it on. However, Jennifer and Aunty Barbara walks in on her. Efua gets beaten that night by Aunty Barbara.


Jennifer approaches Derek, her cousin to speak with his mum. Derek declines and warns her to stay off the issue as she is a “British girl” who knows nothing. To this end, Jennifer advises Efua to run away from the house.

"House Girl" Spotlights The Hopeless Nature Of Being A Maid

It is at the last scene of this short film, Efua opens up that she has nowhere to go to. This is because Aunty Barbara is her stepmother.

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Efua’s story is an eye-opener to the inhumane treatment a lot of young children go through in the hands of family members and guardians.

“House Girl” Is a beautiful short film. The cinematography is also top-notch. The characters did their best to portray their role. Efua did a good job of changing from the unassuming “House girl” to opening up at the end that she is actually being maltreated in her own father’s house.


The short film “House Girl” was shot in Accra, Ghana in early 2016, and was selected for the Africa International Film Festival (AFRIFF) 2016 in Lagos. It also bagged a number of nominations including “Best Student Short Film” at the BAFTA qualifying London Short Film Festival 2017.

Watch “House Girl” below


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