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Review: Diane Russet’s "Storm" Is One Short Film You Should Watch

Review: Diane Russet’s “Storm” Is One Short Film You Should Watch

A few weeks ago, Diane Russet took to Instagram promoting her newest work titled “Storm”. Prior to this film, the Kaduna State beauty has produced two other short films titled “The Therapist” and “Bayi.”.


Her fans couldn’t wait for the video to premiere on YouTube and when it did, Diane proved that she is a filmmaker Nigerians should watch out for.


“Storm”  is a beautiful love story, showing us how we find love in the strangest place. The film kicks off with “Attah” played by Diane Russet calling the office line of a food outlet.

Review: Diane Russet’s "Storm" Is One Short Film You Should Watch

The call comes in very late at night and it is attended to by Daniel  Etim  Effiong who introduces himself as “Storm”. Attah is angry with the poor service as she had ordered the meal hours ago.


Storm tries to pacify and assures her that her meal will be delivered by another dispatch rider as the actual rider was involved in an accident. Unknown to Attah, Storm personally delivers the meal to her doorstep.


Attah calls the next day to thank Storm for the way he handled things the previous night and they strike a friendship. They talk on the phone for hours daily until Attah suggests that they meet. On the day of their date, Storm receives a text from a mysterious lady. She demands that he meets up with her immediately. Attah is unable to reach his number. She then decides to go to the restaurant to inquire of his whereabouts and there she finds out he is the owner of the outlet.

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Six weeks later, after she has decided that Storm ghosted her for no reason, she receives a box at her door. Surprisingly the box contains a letter from Storm who is now down with Leukemia and has been bedridden from the day he got the text from the mysterious lady who the letter reveals is his doctor.


He thanks Attah for the beautiful weeks they spent on the phone, revealing he has fallen in love with her. Attah weeps uncontrollably while reading the letter, and suddenly she hears a knock on the door. Could it be Storm?. We will have to wait for a sequel to find out.


Diane Russet is gradually becoming an expert at making short films as they always come out excellently. She does her research to ensure the character suits the role, as Daniel Etim Effiong proved to be the unrivaled lover boy in “Storm”. The film is already doing well on YouTube with over 150,000 views since it premiered a week ago. Thumbs up to its cast and crew.


If you are yet to watch this beautiful short film, then here is your chance. Enjoy!


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