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Review: “Citation” Is An Inspiration To The “Sorosoke” Generation

“There’s a thin line between wooing and oppression especially when one party has power over the other” – Angela (Joke Silva in “Citation”).


In a generation where lots of stories of r*pe and s*x for grades, plagues our education institution, “Citation” weaves a story of inspiration for ladies who are victims of this vile act of r*pe by lecturers, a film for the *Sorosoke generation.

Citation, a Netflix Original

The first scene opens with a phone conversation, it’s context, too familiar to many. “Citation” gives an insight into the reality of female students in our higher education systems.


The film stars Moremi played by Temi Otedola, which also doubles as her debut role. Moremi is tasked with fighting for her education and future, as she demands justice against an astute, honorary, and admired young professor for s*xually harassing her.

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Kunle Afolayan, in my opinion, got it to spot on with the cast for “Citation”. My standout act aside from the main cast Temi Otedola will be Adjetey Anang. The famous Ghanaian actor owned his role and showed strides of experience from the Ghallywood industry.


This review will be incomplete if I don’t applaud the stellar and poise performance of Ibikun Awosika, Chairman of First Bank. Acting as herself, she was the head of the panel where Moremi sought justice against Prof. Lucien N’dyare.


Jonathan Kovel’s directing of photography pushes me to look for more of his work. The camera movement and positioning spoke of experience and made the length of the film endurable. I however do not understand why the story lasted two hours and thirty minutes to pass its message. Citation could have easily been a full 90-minutes picture we are all used to.


In all, the film scored a 6.5 out of 10 in my ratings. The film is safe content for families to watch as it serves many moral lessons.


Sorosoke – Yoruba word for speak up.


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