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Researchers Discover Sophisticated Malware in 30,000 MacBooks

It appears that some sophisticated hacker(s) may have infiltrated nearly 30,000 MacBooks with malware. Security researchers at Malwarebytes and Red Canary discovered a mysterious piece of malware hiding on the Macs, according to Ars Technica.


The hackers designed the malware in a way to deliver an as-yet-unknown payload, and with a self-destruction mechanism that might remove any trace that it ever existed. The researchers are naming the malware Silver Sparrow.


The researchers discovered that the malware has multiple versions targeting not only the Intel-based Macs but also newer M1-based Macs, according to Red Canary.

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This is quite confusing because only a few vulnerabilities have been discovered in the new Apple’s M1 Macs. Only a week ago, Objective-See security researcher, Patrick Wardle, detailed the first piece of malware discovered targeting Apple Silicon MacBooks. The discovery of this makes it two.


There’s no indication that Silver Sparrow was involved in causing any damage. Also, Red Canary states that Apple has already revoked the binaries. Revoking the binaries will theoretically keep you from accidentally installing them yourself. However, Silver Sparrow could have actually done damage to the Macs as there were actually strains of malware on Macs.




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