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Reddit: The Front Page Of The Internet

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American rapper Wale Folarin put up a post about a conversation happening on Reddit. This was following Jordan Peele’s release of the thriller film, Us. This sparked the need to check out what was so interesting about Reddit.


Alexis Ohanian is popular in showbiz for being Serena William’s husband. But that’s not what makes him known in the tech space. He founded Reddit alongside Aaron Swartz and Steve Huffman.


Reddit Introduces New Mobile App in 2016


Even though Reddit was founded in 2015, some people in this part of the world are yet to catch up on the gem that it is.


According to its website, “Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place.” It also says users get a constant feed update of “breaking news, fun stories, pictures, memes and videos.” This is exactly what Reddit is and much more.


Reddit is a web content rating and discussion website. Registered members submit contents, links and images. Then members of the community have the opportunity to vote it up or down. They determine what trends and what makes it to the popular section.


The community

The Reddit community is broken into a million communities called “subreddits.” Every subreddit covers different topics. They usually begin with r/, a part of the URL that Reddit uses. It can be subreddits like r/gaming that starts discussions about gaming. r/LifeProTips provides helpful life tips and quotes. A personal favourite would be r/todayilearned that gives information about new things. You can learn so much from it.


Upon joining as a member, Reddit can seem confusing. The front-page hits you with various posts trending in the community. But with a little bit of patience, you can glide through the “Sort” button that categorises the posts into trending, popular, controversial and more.


The Reddit community has a lot of regulations, unlike other social networking sites. A volunteer moderator helps to regulate what topics go on the subreddits. Admins and employees govern the community and can give or s***p moderator privileges or even ban a whole subreddit from the site.


Anyone can join Reddit. It is an interesting community where intellectual conversations about anything goes on. People can also share knowledge, meet people and just have a great time. It’s not all serious though; random funny subreddits like r/funny or r/memes are super fun too.


Joining a community means you will see daily discussion and posts by that subreddit on your timeline.



Reddit has its own language and abbreviations too. OP means original poster, TIL means Today I Learned, AMA means Ask Me Anything. AMA is a popular Reddit thread of popular or influential people sharing life experiences or an important life-changing moment.


On 6th April 2019, a 23-year-old member of the Reddit community who reportedly started a subreddit called Change My View has turned it into a new platform under the domain That goes to show just how influential the website can be.

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