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Reddit Daily Users

Reddit Reveals The Amount Of Daily Usage For The First Time

Reddit has revealed the number of its daily users for the first time. The site reports 52 million daily users, telling The Wall Street Journal that daily usage grew 44 per cent year over year for October 2020.


Reddit says the numbers can be seen “as a more accurate reflection of our user growth and to be more in-line with industry reporting”. “We’re focused on daily usership and increasing this number as we continue to grow our community and scale our advertising business,” Jen Wong, chief operating officer of Reddit said in a statement. Revealing the numbers at this time is probably with the aim of growing the company’s advertising business.

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Although the number is small compared to its social media rivals, Reddit says the number appears to be growing quickly. Twitter has 187 million daily users, Snap has 249 million, while Facebook has 1.82 billion.


However, Reddit is seeing its daily usage grow the most rapidy. In their most recent quarters, Twitter, Snap, and Facebook reported 29 per cent, 18 per cent, and 12  per cent year-over-year growth. Again, for Reddit, that’s a 44 per cent increase.


Usually, Reddit’s focus was on its monthly usage. In December 2019, the company reported 430 million monthly users, with 30 percent year-over-year growth.



Reddit showing quick growth in the number of its daily users is perhaps due to it getting more serious about cracking down on some of the problematic communities hosted on its site. This in turn helps to make the site friendlier to both advertisers and users overall. The daily usage is an indicator of how essential a product is to the users.


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