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Reddit Community Launches Own Website

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17-year-old Kal Turnbull started a subreddit called r/changemyview in 2013 as a simple forum for debate. Now 23, he has turned that community into a website that will carry on for a long time.


The subreddit community forum got users to state their brief, explain their reasoning and ask the voices of Reddit to convince them otherwise. The friendly online community debate forum where participants gave their opinions and perspective on intelligent discussions has now metamorphosed.


The community grew to over 700,000 subscribers in six years. It had discussions on a variety of topics from food to drugs and voting.


Turnbull, who is now a 23-year-old civil engineer, thought it was time to move the community to its own base.


He thought the Reddit algorithm pushed sensitive and controversial threads to the top. This, to him, left deep and meaningful conversations at the bottom. This was problematic for moderators who had no way to know why this was so.


Reddit change a view


Time for a change

Turnbull decided that it was time to do things differently and grow the community out of the Reddit Mold.


Now called “Change A View”, the community now has a domain name replacing “my” with “a”. Turnbull and a small team of dedicated moderators spent 10 months working on the new domain. It has some features and rules like subreddit, but its plan is to continue to foster online debate.


The goal of the community is to help internet commenters see from the same point of view. It is a hub for intellectual and brilliant conversations online.


Reddit is only four years old. But it is already birthing this new platform that can evolve into a hit and grow into a massive competition for other social platforms.


On this new platform, unlike with Reddit, the moderators get paid. There is a public mode that shows which moderator did what. It will also use Perspective API to weed out abusive comments.

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