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Read A Google Employee’s Experience Of Working From Home Due To Coronavirus

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The spread of Coronavirus around the world has mandated staff of tech companies such as Google, Facebook and Amazon to start working from home.


One such affected individual is Mike Isaac who works at Goggle. Isaac recounts his experience of having to work from home. Providing insight into the fact that it is not as rosy as it sounds.


NewYork Times posted Mike’s story on Twitter. In the post, he explained the hassles he goes through combining work and staying at home.


Read the post below:


“My productivity has gone down as well. Because  I didn’t have a coffee machine at home and ended up either having to take a mile-long walk to Starbucks or fight against my morning drowsiness.


“I now need to cook, do the dishes etc, which are previously handled by the office cafeteria. There are some nights we all don’t want to cook.


Google Staff Recounts Experience Of Working From Home Due To Coronavirus
Google CEO, Sundar Pichai has advised employees to work remotely because of the coronavirus. Photo: RDF Strategies
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“Don’t we then use our technology to persuade some fine delivery person to bring a bulbous burrito to our door? There’s minimal dishwashing after that.


“I tried to reduce my screen time by not having external monitors at home and now I code on a small 13-inch laptop display.


“Oddly, I write on a large 13-inch laptop display and that works. However, many will surely understand that suddenly having to look at a smaller screen can be jarring”.


In countries like Nigeria, for example, people still go to work and live their normal life hoping that the pandemic will come to an end soon. In other places, it is very different. Lives have been altered.


However, even in places not heavily hit by the coronavirus, there is still some fear. Some fear that privately-owned companies may just downsize and sack some of their employees to cut costs if the situation warrants that they work from home.


If you get to still keep your job and work remotely, take lessons from Mike Isaac and know what to do in such situations.


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