You are currently viewing Reactions As Dj Cuppy Reveals She Met Her Fiance 25days Ago

Reactions As Dj Cuppy Reveals She Met Her Fiance 25days Ago

Following the backlash her fiance is receiving for allegedly cheating on her with another woman, Dj Cuppy has been forced to reveal some shocking truth

Reactions As Dj Cuppy Reveals She Met Her Fiance 25days Ago
Dj Cuppy And Fiance Ryan Taylor

Well according to the female disc jockey, she only met Ryan 25 days ago and they completely fell in love

Surprising right? Well this revelation fully absolves ryan of every cheating accusation as it is clear He hadn’t met Cuppy by that time

Taking to twitter on Monday Night, Dj Cuppy made the revelation to shut naysayers who believe her relationship was already doomed

“I can officially announce that I’m engaged! Only 25 days ago during @Gumball3000 driving rally, I met the love of my life.

Sometimes you fall for the MOST unexpected person at the MOST unexpected time and for the MOST unexpected reason.

I love you deep @RyanTaylor”.

Meanwhile many netizens are already fighting against the relationship, as they believe Dj cuppy is erroneously getting married

Others believe that Her younger sister already in a solid relationship with her wedding underway may have pushed the disc jockey into desperation

Reactions As Dj Cuppy Reveals She Met Her Fiance 25days Ago

Let’s check out some of their comments below;

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Jam Sheila wrote: Cuppy u are making this thing look more like a joke..just stop pls

Ifunanya_official wrote: So I can still get married this December.

helmaqueen1 wrote: I use to think this girl was smart. I’m not saying she should live him oh but I think she should have just kept quiet

Victoria wrote: She will learn the hard way

Sophia__jude: Mr ibu’s daughter is typing

kingbakada: This girl mumu sha! Maybe na skit!

stanbnx wrote: People will agree with everything they heard about you as long as its negative but once it’s positive they would want to question it.

Iam_rayberry wrote: 25 days is a very long period for just engagement. Try to add pregnancy to it within 30 days

But guys, come to think of it, people from the north do arranged marriages very easily.

Majority of the couples never met or dated themselves, but they have some of the longest standing unions today

Let’s see Dj Cuppy and Ryan Taylor’s union with this same mindset, it may just last

Congratulations once more to you Cuppy



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