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Razer’s Announces Hyper New Limited Edition Hazel Facial Masks

Razer during its E3 2021 presentation this week announced the Hazel Masks, in limited editions. They would launch in the fourth quarter of this year. The company called them “the world’s smartest masks”.

Project Hazel
Mask Hazel Razer


These masks will only be available on their website. They are surgical N95 respirator masks, with active ventilation and auto-sterilization functions. The company’s CEO Min-Liang Tan announced they will be released in “drops”

The Hazer mask was originally shown in January, with cool features like interior lighting, anti-fog coating. The company is also making it possible for others to see the wearer’s mouth. Yes, smile.

Razer gave a statement via their Twitter page, We know you’ve been waiting for the Project Hazel smart mask to become a reality – we’re working on it and there’ll be news soon! Meantime, we’ve made our Project Hazel smart mask available as an Instagram AR Filter. Check out how it looks like on you:

Do you want to be among the very first to purchase these masks when they go on sale? You can sign up now at Razer’s and purchase once they go on sale.

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Project Hazel see-through, light-up smart masks
Hazel Masks


So right now you can virtually try out these masks. Razer has announced a bunch of new products during its E3 presentation, such as its Razer Blade 14 laptop with AMD’s Ryzen 9 processors and an upgraded Raptor 27 gaming Monitor.


Just last week, Razer also announced a new Opus X Budget Razer Headphones. These headphones are available in funky colors with a low-latency gaming mode. They are sold at $100, an entry-level headphone.



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