Ray Tracing Technology And Its Gaming Enhancement Immersive Side

Ray Tracing Technology And Its Gaming Enhancement Immersive Side

Gaming on PC, console, and mobile has to be super immersive to be in the action. Ray tracing is a special feature that enhances gameplay, with a lighting technology that brings a new level of realism.

Ray Tracing


The Human eye is the gateway to the gaming experience. What is ray tracing and how does it work? Firstly we need to understand how games originally rendered lighting. Games without ray tracing had static inbuilt lighting, that is the lighting in those games didn’t move or change as the backgrounds in those games.

GPU’s play an important role in how games display on screens,  this technology has advanced to make gaming scenarios more realistic and life-like. To achieve this, the GPU requires the ability to trace virtual rays of light. Ray tracing in games attempts to emulate the way light works in the real world as reported by Digital Trends.

Graphics card rendering


This tech is hard. The process of making games look lifelike involves an extremely realistic 3D rendering process, in the right conditions it displays perfectly. Blacks get very black, and there is an accurate array of different colors. To recreate this is resource-intensive and requires a lot of computing power.

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Ray tracing uses traditional lightning techniques called rasterization and a lot of reflection. To achieve the best results requires the best of power modern graphics cards. Nvidia, AMD, and others churn the best of these techs yearly, to have the best gaming experience get the latest and greatest.



The higher the game’s video resolution the beefier the graphics card you would require for that game, so if you play at resolutions higher than Full HD then and with frame rates higher than 60 FPS you definitely need the top-of-the-line graphics card.

Consoles supporting Ray tracing


To play at 4K resolution, you will need Nvidia RTX 3080 or AMD RX 6800XT graphics cards, there are not so many games that support ray tracing. But those numbers are expected to grow, as consoles like the Xbox and PS5 now support the tech.



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