Rapper 21 Savage Says It’s Ok For Men To Cheat But Women Shouldn’t

Rapper 21 Savage Says It’s Ok For Men To Cheat But Women Shouldn’t

American rapper 21 Savage believes men can be unfaithful in a relationship but it’s intolerable for women to do the same.Grammys 2019: 21 Savage Was Noticeably Absent From Music's Big Night - Rolling Stone

Speaking during an interview on the “Dollaz worth of Game” podcast, the rapper said men can cheat on women because it can be viewed as men conquering women.

According to 21 Savage, “We conquer women because they cheat with their emotions and can do anything after that. But when men cheat they just have fun and move on.”

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“My girl is my Queen so if a man conquers her then it means our whole castle is destroyed. Once a man gets in between a woman’s legs he can get anything else out of her.

He can know where I live, the business I do, how I move, the problems we are having or what am going through in life. Because once you get a girl in your bed, you can easily get any information you want from her.

Especially if a girl has a man and she’s willing to risk it all to get in bed with you, then you can get her to do anything. But for men, it’s different because we can cheat and still not have emotions towards whoever we did that with,” he said.

21 Savage, real name Shéyaa Bin Abraham-Joseph is a London-born American rapper.

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