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Random Instagram Handle Hijacked For British Royalty

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Imagine trying to log in to your Instagram and you get a message, “This handle has been reassigned to royalty.” It will be great if this messaged is followed by a cheque to pay for the stolen Instagram identity. Apparently, if you had taken time to read the 200-page terms and conditions by Instagram, you will realise that your Instagram handle does not particularly belong to you.


Earlier in the week, a British man, Kevin Keiley, realised that he no longer had ownership of his Instagram handle. It was snatched and given to a “more befitting person,” a member of his country’s royal family.



Keiley coined his Instagram handle, SussexRoyal, from his place of residence and his football club’s nickname. Apparently, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex coveted his creativity. They liked the name for themselves too, so they took it.


The royal could, of course, not have taken it without the help of Instagram itself. However, according to Keiley, he was not contacted by anyone from the social media company. He admitted to only doing the barest minimum with the account by just following others and liking posts.



Instagram, in its defence, said the account was inactive. So, they figured it won’t hurt to divert it to the famous royals. This sort of means that there is a fair chance that we do not permanently own our Instagram handles, especially if a famous person fancies it. Just like that, it can be taken away from us.

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