Quiz: Test Your Tech Knowledge And Win A Phone!

Quiz: Test Your Tech Knowledge And Win A Phone!

First to answer all questions correctly gets a phone. Good luck! (Clue: All Answers are in articles published on the blog)


1. What was Elon Musk’s Tesla Famous for in 2019?

A. Foldable phones
B. Cybertrucks
c. Flamethrowers
D. Electronic Airplanes


2. Who invented the Telephone?

A. Billy Graham
B. Alexander Trent
C. Antonio Meucci
D. Bill Hybels


3. What does the acronym C.E.S mean?

A. Consumer Electronic show
B. Computer Electronic System
C. Computer Electronic Support
D. Comment End System


4. Which company owns TikTok?

A. One Dance
B. ByteDance
C. MegaDance
D. Samsung

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5. Who owns the Boring Co.?

A. Nikola Tesla
B. Elon Musk
C. Bill Gates
D. The Escobars


6. What was the highest-grossing video game of 2018?

A. FIFA 19
B. Fortnite
C. Borderlands 3
D. Call of Duty: Morden Warfare


7. Who is the highest-paid YouTube star of 2019?

A. Ryan Kaji
B. Dude Perfect
C. Jeffree Star
D. Rhett and Link


8. What was the most downloaded app of 2019 on iOS?

A. YouTube
B. Instagram
C. Snapchat
D. TikTok


9. Who is Asia’s richest man?

A. Mukesh Ambani
B. Jack Ma
C. Wang Wei
D. Hui Ka Yan


10. What was the most popular Wikipedia article for 2019?

A. Avengers Endgame
B. Ted Bundy
C. Billie Eilish
D. Game of Thrones (season 8)


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