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Quilox Owner Shina Peller Released On Bail After Recent Arrest

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Hon. Shina Peller, the owner of Quilox Club and a member of the Federal House of Representatives, has been released on bail. The politician, who is a representative of Iseyin/Itesiwaju/Kajola/Iwajowa federal constituency, faced detention at the Maroko Police Station yesterday.


Kola Popoola, the media aide to the lawmaker, stated that Shina Peller went to the Maroko Police Station to bail some of the club customers. These customers had allegedly parked on the road during a show at the popular hangout spot.


According to Popoola, before the kickoff of the 36-hour non-stop show which usually holds every year at Quilox, Peller had informed the concerned Lagos traffic authorities about the event. He did this to avoid unnecessary traffic gridlock.


Quilox Owner, Shina Peller Released On Bail After Yesterday's Arrest


Meanwhile, the Lagos police’s spokesman, Bala Elkana, said the police arrested Shina Peller for mobilising thugs to invade a police station. Afterwards, patrol officers towed the vehicles of some of his club’s customers for obstructing the free flow of traffic in the state.


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Elkana said,

“The honourable is the owner of that club, and his customers are fond of parking on the road and blocking the road. If you want to pass that place, you will have tough times.


“Until 9 am, the club was still on. They refused to remove their vehicles and Lagosians were seriously disturbed. Even Mr Governor was affected this morning. He had to manoeuvre his way through it.


“This man had been talked to many times, but he refused to listen. This morning, our patrol vehicles towed three vehicles out of that place so that people could pass.


“This honourable mobilised over 50 thugs to attack Maroko Police Station to move those vehicles out. We had to send reinforcement from neighbouring stations before they were able to curtail the situation. That was how he was arrested with five of the thugs, while others escaped. We had to exercise a lot of restraints.”


However, the police released the House of Reps member on bail after it transferred his case to the State’s Criminal Investigation Department, Yaba, following the directives of the Commissioner of Police Lagos State, CP Hakeem Odumosu.


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