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Questions To Ask Yourself When You Feel Stuck

There a million and one instances when we feel stuck. It could also occur in different situations, but one most common one is when we feel stuck in life. You begin to question your purpose for existence. The worst thing that could happen is when you either think too much or can’t think at all. These all could lead to depression even if you try to act all strong and tough. It’s actually good to act strong, and soon enough you will believe in your own strength. Still, there are other alternatives to getting out of being stuck when down in a rut.


You can effortlessly pave your way of being free by answering these five simple questions. These questions will help you understand your situation and find a solution. Once you understand why you feel the way you do, there’s no holding you back from finding a solution. You need to evaluate yourself to know and understand the ‘whys’. To get the best result, get a pen and paper and write every question, then answer at your pace.


Before we move on, you need to know that everyone feels this way at some point in their lives. However, if you feel stuck consistently, then you should speak to a counsellor. Talking could go a long way in helping you get and feel better.


Questions to ask yourself when you feel stuck

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“Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.”

– President John F. Kennedy


Wherever you are at this point, your office, at a coffee shop, or in a classroom, ask yourself this question and mean it. “Why are you here?” What purpose are you fulfilling in your current position? Do you feel fulfilled with what you’re doing, and does it make you a better person? Evaluate your past and where you’re coming from. Are you any different? You need to be certain you’ve become a better version of yourself from who you used to be.


Truth is, you may not have achieved all you set out to achieve with your life, but it doesn’t mean it’s been worthless. Ascertain if you’re actually becoming a better version of yourself and if your current position plays a role in that.


Also, there’s no point in being where you are and doing what you do if you aren’t happy. Happy results from happenings around you. Therefore, if there’s no source of happiness, you need to find one. First, you need to understand why you feel stuck by answering these 15 questions when you feel stuck.


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