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Qualcomm Simplifies Its Snapdragon Chip Naming Scheme As Its Rebrands

Industry leading mobile chip designer Qualcomm is simplifying its chip Snapdragon naming scheme, as it rebrands for the future. The company will no longer be using its triple style snapdragon chip branding.

Qualcomm Simplifies Its Snapdragon Chip Naming Scheme As It Rebrands
No “Qualcomm” branding here

Qualcomm hinted as the change with the recent naming of its Snapdragon 888 plus badge. There was no mention of “Qualcomm” for the name, also Snapdragon is now a seperate entity on its own the company announced.

The chip designer teased a short Youtube video showng vague details of its naming scheme. The video shows a number eight animation that could well mean an “infinity” naming scheme we specualte.

It also said it would be transitoning to a “a single-digit series and generation number, aligning with other product categories.” Snapdragon PC processors already have a genertional naming scheme, the excat path it would be following. The company is starting this with its new 8-series flagship mobile chips.

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8 or infinity naming scheme?

Qualcomm recently unveiled its Next-gen PC CPUs that will rival Apple’s M-series Chip, the company made the announcement at its 2021 investor day event. This new chip will be produced in 2023 and will be based on the Arm-based SoC design.

Its naming scheme announcement could happen at the Snapdragon Tech summit on November 30th. Qualcomm also mentions that it would no longer name 5G on its chips as “5G has become ubiquitous.” That will mean 5G would come as standard going forward we believe.



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