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Yahoo Answers

Q&A Platform, Yahoo Answers, Is Shutting Down Finally May 2021

Yahoo Answers is shutting down. The platform is one of the longest-running and Q&A platforms in internet history and will shut down completely come 4th May 2021.


From thence, Yahoo Answers will start redirecting people from its website to the Yahoo homepage. Also, all of the platform’s archives will cease to exist. The platform began operations in 2005.


Yahoo announced the change at the top of the Yahoo Answers homepage. The message also links to an FAQ, detailing the timeline of the shutdown. According to that timeline, from 20th April 2021, the platform will no longer accept new submissions.

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Users of the platform also have until 30th June 2021 to request their data or they’ll disappear forever. This includes “all user-generated content including your Questions list, Questions, Answers list, Answers, and any images,” according to Yahoo, however, “you won’t be able to download other users’ content, questions, or answers”.


As for why Yahoo Answers sent a note to its active members providing more detail for the decision. Its reasons include that, “it has become less popular over the years” and that it “decided to shift our resources away” from the product to “focus on products that better serve our members”.


Perhaps it also reflects the state of the one-time internet giant and the front page of the internet, Yahoo, which is now part of Verizon Media Group after its acquisition by the telecom company in 2017 for nearly $5 billion.



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