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Purple64 Dedicates New Song “Do Angels Die” To Those Gone Too Soon

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Latest music sensation Purple64 has released a new single, “Do Angels Die”. The lyrics of the song are a tribute to a friend he lost too soon. The song begins with the words, “Rest in peace, Ibukun.


In this latest single, he talks about the reality of how fickle life is. Speaking to his late friend, he identifies with this.


Ibukun, the deceased, was a final year student in Ajayi Crowther University who died during the week of her graduation for undisclosed reasons. She was an aspiring model who went to Starfield Secondary school.




Her death and many others are a painful reminder of how fickle life can be. When asked what inspired the lyrics of the song, he said:

“I remember how close we were back in high school, but I stopped checking up on her after we graduated. That’s actually what happens most times, but that’s not how life should be. So when I heard the news of her death, the thought of how we were back then hit me hard. I recalled how precious she was to me so I knew I had to tell everyone about her somehow. This is why I had to tell it through a song.”


Purple64 is a graduate of Babcock University. He’s an aspiring artist who calls his music his reality. He writes about what he feels at that present time and has also released several series of singles with a story.


Listen to the song below:

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