You are currently viewing Project Bonsai: Microsoft’s Autonomous Systems Tools For Engineers And Developers

Project Bonsai: Microsoft’s Autonomous Systems Tools For Engineers And Developers

What is Microsoft’s Project Bonsai? This is a machine teaching service to create and optimise intelligence for industrial control systems. Microsoft calls Project Bonsai “AI for Business”, this article provides insight into what you should know about it.


The American software company built Project Bonsai with the sole purpose of making it usable by both skilled and unskilled business professionals. To operate this autonomous system, all you need is a set of data.


In a recent blog post, Microsoft says all you have to do is have expertise in your field and then break them down into steps and tasks with the aid of the AI agents. Additionally, you get to specify your desired outcomes and criteria. Then you monitor how the software solves the problems in a simulated environment.


This initial stage serves as training for the AI which will then enable it to work in real-life situations. One example is how a chemical company used Project Bonsai to solve a complex problem.

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The Chemical Business department of SCG had chosen Microsoft’s Project Bonsai to successfully navigate complex chemical process simulation. Pitak Jongsuwat, Physics Model Technology Engineer for Chemicals Business, SCG praised the software saying:


“We put the AI model to play on our simulation and it can learn and find the way to a new operating procedure. It can play the simulation 100,000 times a day.”


Mark Hammond, Microsoft general manager for autonomous systems says Project Bonsai is open to the public and anyone can try it out to see how it works. You can learn more about Microsoft’s Project Bonsai here and also check out demos of machine teaching as well.


Another Microsoft Senior Applied AI Engineer Kingsuk Maitra said that Project Bonsai will bring speed and faster results than real-world simulators. It could reduce several months of work by skilled data and AI professionals to a week by just experts in a particular field.


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