You are currently viewing Profile: Jerry Isaac Mallo, CEO Of Bennie Technologies LTD

Profile: Jerry Isaac Mallo, CEO Of Bennie Technologies LTD

Jerry Isaac Mallo is the chief executive officer of Bennie Technologies LTD. And he made the news within and outside tech circles with the launch of his luxury car. However, here are some important facts to note about the engineer.


Jerry Isaac Mallo



Jerry was born in Plateau state to Nigerian parents in 1994. He is currently 25 years old and schooled in Nigeria. At least, until he finished his secondary school education. In an interview, the tech genius mentioned that he had always been interested in engineering.


He said he wanted to be the Bill Gates of Africa. This could mean both in innovation and wealth. However, he was not from a wealthy family. His opportunity to further his education came after he designed a ‘fuelless generator and proto type car’ [sic].


A rich man he called Professor Bogoro sponsored his university education after seeing his potential. This gave him the chance to study his dreams at the University of Hertfordshire, London. Sadly, he had to drop out for undisclosed reasons.


Although his passion for sports cars didn’t drop, he ventured into what he saw as the most lucrative, agriculture.

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Jerry Mallo Founded Bennie Technologies

His company is named Bennie Technologies LTD and it majorly focuses on agro-technology. Their description on Twitter states:


“A machine design, fabrication & manufacturing company. We simplify local agricultural processes by mechanization & automation.”


Bennie Technologie LTD Agricultural products.


It won the National MSME(Micro Small and Medium Enterprise) award in 2018. The Federal government of Nigeria runs this programme. With the company, he has created many things and has come a long way from the initial tractor he designed. Now they create grinding machines, cassava peelers and many other machines depending on what the customer demands.


But as we stated, his sports’ car passion never died. And to show this, in November 2019, he launched the Bennie Purrie. Nigeria’s first luxury sport’s car, designed with carbon fibre. Mr Mallo said he had chosen the material because of its safety quality and not performance.


The Bennie Purrie at its launch in Abuja.


Carbon fibre as he explained in a video absorbs shock better than aluminium and steel. This would reduce fatality in accidents as it won’t, unlike the pre-mentioned materials, fold and cause further harm to vehicle occupants.


He now adds ‘Bennieautomobile’ to his Tweets and it looks like he is creating a car company. In the same video, he mentioned that he had recruited young and brilliant minds like himself to help on the Bennie Purrie project.


With their success, it is definitely just a matter of time before they start to startle the world with further inventions.


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