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Professional Tips That Can Help You Earn Respect At Your Workplace

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A lot of people work hard at their jobs to earn the respect of their bosses and fellow employees at their workplace.


Earning respect at your workplace is not something that happens overnight. It involves taking some steps and acting professionally at all times. You want to be that staff who is seen as a team player, who helps others grow and whose effort is adding value to the organization.


Below are simple and professional tips to earn your respect and career success at your place of work.

1. Follow the rules

People don’t respect people who don’t respect the rules. The boss who slacks off from working hard in the office comes in late, leaves early, and spends more time shopping online than working, won’t command respect from the coworkers. Don’t be the one who always comes late, do not finish their work and wants to be the first person to leave before close of work. Obey the laws governing your organization, and you will earn the respect of people around you.

2. Work hard

Professional Tips That Can Help You Earn Respect At Your Workplace

Now, working hard doesn’t mean you need to work round the clock with no time to rest.  It means that you need to work when you’re supposed to work. You won’t earn the status of a respected employee if you are viewed by others as a person who steals time from your employer.

3. Talk less, listen more

You may think that the person with the most respect is the one standing at the head of the conference table giving the presentation, but that’s not always the case. People gain respect by actually listening to the ideas of others. This doesn’t mean that you can’t share your ideas, but it does mean that you need to pay attention to what others are saying.


Remember, you were hired to do your job, and the other employees were hired to do theirs. This may seem like a super basic statement, but, in practical terms, it means that other people are experts on tasks outside of your expertise. So, listen to what they have to say.

4. Apologize and admit mistakes

You’re not perfect. No one is. You will make mistakes. If you want respect, you need to admit your mistakes. Practice this statement, “I’m sorry. What can I do to fix it?” The last part is critical in any situation, without it the apology is just an empty statement.


If you’re the manager, you take the blame for the team’s failures as well as your own. If you’re an individual contributor, you need to take the blame for your own mistakes. A mistake isn’t a career-ender.

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5. Take criticism and learn from It

Having people respect you isn’t dependent on being right all of the time. It’s about people trusting you and appreciating what you have to say. You need to listen to what people have to say about you while making a conscious effort to be better.

6. Stand up for yourself

Professional Tips That Can Help You Earn Respect At Your Workplace

It is not ideal to let people walk all over you. If someone criticizes your personal appearance, family status, race, gender, etc. you can certainly call them out on it. Standing up for yourself is critical to earning respect from coworkers and managers.

7. Help other people succeed

Professional Tips That Can Help You Earn Respect At Your Workplace

People will always respect a person who is kind and helpful in the workplace. So, if you want others to respect you, try doing the same. Take time to mentor others. Don’t get angry when your teammates make mistakes. Just help them get the job done and done right. When you lift up those around you, you all rise together.


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