You are currently viewing Productivity App Of The Week: Tips To Unleash The Power Of Google Lens

Productivity App Of The Week: Tips To Unleash The Power Of Google Lens

Google Lens is an image recognition technology that leverages all the power of Google to provide users with improved productivity. According to its description page, the app is designed to bring up relevant information related to objects via visual analysis.


With the right manual, you can turn Google Lens into the best productivity app on your smartphone. Below are some insightful tips for unique ways you can use the Google Lens.


— Search: This is the most powerful that Google Lens offers. If you get a clear picture of any object that you are holding, the app will help you search and bring up similar web results of the object.


This will assist you when trying to identify a strange object that you have to describe or how to make use of a tool that you have just received. It totally does not beat a user manual, but it is surely better than keeping a tool away for months because you don’t know what it is.

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Productivity App: Tips To Unleash The Power Of Google Lens


— Translate: Screenshot a text or crop the text in an image and let Google Lens translate to help you. It first detects the language the text is written in and then, provides you a link to open the Google translate tool to understand it.


Again, you may still need a translator to better understand a large body of work. But, Google Lens translate tool will help you understand short texts in foreign languages in no time.


— Text: This is a super tool that students and writers can use to bypass the need to retype. You can snap texts and use this productivity app to copy and paste them. It can also read texts from chats that you screenshot as well.


— Shopping: Professional shoppers can use this app to provide essential services for their customers. Once you get a picture of what you want to buy, select the shopping cart option and Google will bring up relevant results of shopping locations near you.


— Dining: This tool can help you identify a recipe list and then bring up search results of how to prepare the meal.


Google Lens is one of the most powerful productivity app you can use, it is also free.


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