You are currently viewing 3 products you should look forward to at Apple March 8 event

3 products you should look forward to at Apple March 8 event

The iPhone SE 3 2022, iPads, and iOS 15.4 are the 3 main products Apple fans look forward to seeing at their March 8 virtual event.

iPhone 14 leaked specs and rumoured features have been trending for the past couple of weeks. This upcoming product launch may distract inquisitors for some time and get them speculating about something else. Although, the March events are generally considered smaller than the September version.

Apple remains as tightlipped as ever when it comes to details, but the public is relentless in searching for answers.

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According to a CNET report, the company will introduce the following:

3 products to look out for at Apple March 8 2022 event

  1. iPhone SE 3 (2022) – a moderately priced iPhone that will cost about $399 or $499. All SEs are underrated devices, and other sources claim that they will come with the most recent Touch ID fingerprint sensor and a bigger screen.
  2. iPad Air – a variant of the iPad that was first introduced in 2020 and sold for $599; the new one will likely be an upgrade.
  3. iOS 15.4 – an upgraded version of the Apple 15 OS that supports facial recognition to unlock the device while wearing nose masks, contactless payments, and more.

Please remember Apple is staying true to tradition and has not released many details about the event. Its senior vice president, Greg Joswiak, only tweeted the theme: “Peek Performance.”

You can join the live stream through the company’s website or YouTube channel. Which of these devices are you eager to get your hands on?

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