You are currently viewing Nigeria’s University of Ibadan now allows graduates process transcripts online, see how

Nigeria’s University of Ibadan now allows graduates process transcripts online, see how

— University of Ibadan, Nigeria, now allows graduates to process transcript online.
— The institution also offers discounted international courier services.

Obtaining your transcript from a public institution in Nigeria has proven to be a tedious process, but graduates of the University of Ibadan are getting a way out.

According to a TechCabal report which called it a ‘seamless and straightforward process’, the process currently only works on desktop.

To process your transcript online as a graduate of University of Ibadan, you should first visit the transcript homepage and click on the “undergraduate transcript” option (note that this same process works for postgraduate students).

Next, click on the “Initiate Transcript Request” and fill the biodata form that requests details like your name, date of birth, department, year of graduation, faculty, email, phone number and matric number.

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After this, you will be taken to a page where you get to choose the kind of transcript you want and number of copies. There are different prices for transcripts to be sent abroad and for those within the country. After making payment and downloading your receipt, you will return to the transcript homepage and this time, click on the “Continue Request After Payment” option.

You will need to upload details like your matriculation number and invoice number after which you will also need to supply jpeg images of your payment receipt and statement of results.

This last process confirms the applicants request and you can track the transcript progress by checking the “Track Transcript” tab under the undergraduate transcript application page.

Typically, the transcripts should be ready in two weeks and you may have to go to the university or send a representative to the university to pick up your physical copy, if you need one. University of Ibadan also claims to provide discounted courier services for people who want to send physical copies of their transcript abroad through international courier companies like UPS and DHL.

Online transcript processing support would go a long way in easing the process of obtaining one for students of Nigeria higher institutions.

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