You are currently viewing #PresidentCovik: Imam of Peace Tackles Buhari,Calls Him”The Dumbest Person In Nigeria”

#PresidentCovik: Imam of Peace Tackles Buhari,Calls Him”The Dumbest Person In Nigeria”

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Social media is aflame today as Muslim Cleric and influencer Mohammed Tawhidi has taken to twitter to harshly criticise President Muhammadu Buhari and his government.


In a series of tweets, Tawhidi aka Imam of Peace called Buhari the dumbest person in Nigeria who leads a government that supports terrorist and Jihadist.


Referring to Buhari’s mis-pronunciation of Covid-19, the Iran-born Muslim reformist mocked the President for not knowing what’s killing his people.

See some of his tweets




He called Buhari the scammer Americans have been hearing about.




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He also likened The President to America’s Joe Biden, calling him clueless and a national embarrassment.



Largely, Nigerians on Twitter accept the clerics dragging of the president. This is unusual as Nigerians usually react with guns-a-blazing at a perceived attack from foreigners.


This time however, they’ve lauded the the Australia-based cleric harsh criticisms and even join in the “dragging” of their president.


While some social media users have tried the defend their president, majority of Nigerians clamped down on their voices saying the President and country deserve the international disgrace it’s getting.

See some of the tweets



The Imam is currently trending No 1 worldwide on Twitter for his caustic and unveiled criticism of Buhari and his government.


The hashtag #PresidentCovik instigated by Tahawhid in mockery of the president’s mispronouciation is also trending on twitter.



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