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Pre-Wedding Beauty Regime: What To Do And When To Do It

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After you say I do, it’s up with the phone and in with the pictures. The world just has to see that ring and know you’re finally about to walk down the aisle. Then comes the wedding planning with the endless what to do checklist. Finally, when you’re done with the catering, wedding dress, venue, decoration, and everything else, you’re more than ready to run down the aisle to snatch your man.


Knock Knock lady! Here’s a wake-up call for you. There’s more to walking down the aisle than the venue, dress and beau. You can get everything else in place for your big day but remember the most vital person — you. As a bride, you need to glow on the outside just as you’re glowing on the inside.


Your wedding day should be a happy day for you. Truth is, your groom isn’t even as relevant as you are because it’s your day to sparkle. Therefore, you don’t want to see your wedding pictures with your hair out of place, or with terrible makeup on.


Your man can wear his suit and be fine with his groomed beard, but you? There’s no room to flop because the memories will last for a long time. Although you can blame the vendors or your glam team for any flaws, when you have time before the wedding, then the ball is in your court. You can determine how you would look on your wedding day before the D-day.


With a beauty timeline, your hair, skin, teeth, nails and feet can be perfect. When you’re prepared for the slaying, there would be less stress over what hasn’t been done yet.


Pre-wedding beauty regime: What to do and When to do it



Before you begin, do you have a wedding date? “To a certain extent, everyone wants to look like a supermodel on a daily basis, but we may not have the drive to act on it,” says New York dermatologist Dendy Engelman. “A wedding date gives you a deadline, and forces you to start making a move.”


With the date in place, you can follow this plan to be more prepared for the wedding glow.


(Note: You don’t have to follow everything to perfection as this is only a guide to help you be more organised before the D-day.)


Six months before the wedding

In six months you can make all the mistakes and do damage control right before your wedding day. This is the test and trial stage for you, so here are things you can cross off your list:

  • See a dermatologist and start a skincare regime. You can get yourself set on a natural skincare routine, but can also opt for a consultation. What this does is it helps you to combat any skin issue you may have. Starting early gives you time to work on it gradually before your day.
  • Begin a fitness plan that could include either yoga, running, weightlifting, dance or swimming. The aim of this is to reduce stress, stay fit and keep healthy throughout the wedding planning stage. An added advantage is a nice rack and bud on that day.
  • Start your water therapy. It’s great for your hair, nail, skin and overall health.
  • The hairstyle is another thing you can cross off your list. If you’re on low-cut and you want a style that needs a longer hair, then you can grow your hair out. If vice-versa is the case, then you can just work with what you’ve got. There are extensions for a reason, and a good hair stylist would know how to pimp you up irrespective of the hair length.
  • Laser hair treatment is an optional beauty regime. Since you will need about six sessions per treatment area, you can start now.
  • Start a vitamin regimen. Vitamin supplements can be very healthy for your hair and nails, making them shinier and stronger.



Three months before the wedding

Now you’re three months closer but it’s still no cause for worry because your body is in great shape. But at this point, it’s all about how you would look beyond the skin.


Your hair and makeup can be taken off your list at this point. For your hair, you can test different styles when you attend simple events like weddings, black-tie events, birthday parties or even work. Get a good stylist and makeup artist to doll you up. If they do what you love a couple of times, then it may be a match made in heaven. Another way to get this off your list is to have a trial done at your bachelorette party with all your girls around as well. Also, you can do this at your pre-wedding shoot. Eventually, you will find that glam squad that makes you smile when you fee the aftermath of their work.


One month before the wedding

  • Stay off the makeup! You need to work on skin, skin, and more skin. Let your skin breathe while you continue your skincare regime.
  • Don’t take a risk with your hair.
  • Continue your workout routine.
  • Choose the nail colour.



One week before the wedding

  • A manicure and pedicure should be done to complete your dolled up look.
  • Pack up an emergency wedding day kit.
  • Go for your final facials.
  • Confirm you still want the hairstyle and makeup you chose earlier.
  • Whiten your teeth if you want.
  • Get your brows waxed or threaded professionally. If you’re really hairy then you can wait for two days before your wedding.
  • Waxing time! You know you need it.


The day before your wedding

  • Get your final manicure and pedicure done.
  • Shampoo and condition your hair.


First, set a goal for how you would like to look on your wedding day. Be realistic with this because it’s actually just a wedding day and not a contest. Just ensure you’re happy all through because that’s all that truly matters.

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