You are currently viewing How to pre-order Google Pixel Watch | See specs and pricing here
How to pre-order Google Pixel Watch | See specs and pricing here

How to pre-order Google Pixel Watch | See specs and pricing here

Google launched its first-ever Pixel Watch on October 6, 2022, and you can pre-order it using this Google Store link. The wearable has a starting price of $349.

Although, for now, the watch is only available in Europe, some part of Americas and the Asia Pacific regions. Likely, it will be available in other markets soon, although, we doubt you can preorder the Google Pixel Watch without hassles in China.

The smartwatch is one of the most anticipated gadgets in 2022 as it is the company’s first attempt at its own wearable and it is built on Fitbit architecture. With Fitbit’s experience of more than a decade in the wearable industry, it is clear why there is so much fanfare about this smartwatch.

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In the physical area, the display features a big round bezel that the OS design tries to take advantage of by blending most of the faces into it to look like the display area is bigger than it truly is. It comes with several band styles and colors, ranging from sporty to classic and trendy designs.

The Google Pixel Watch offers the usual wearable functions like heart rate monitoring and heart rhythm with an ECG app. Also, it shows you directions and allows you to reply to texts and notifications from your phone.

With the Google connection, you can leave your phone at home and still take calls and complete other functions from the watch. You can even use it to complete purchases through checkouts.

You will likely be hearing more about the smartwatch as soon as reviewers get their hands on them.

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