You are currently viewing Post-Production Kicks Off For Nollywood’s First Queer Film “Ife”

Post-Production Kicks Off For Nollywood’s First Queer Film “Ife”

Pamela Adie, LGBTQ rights activist has announced that post-production has kicked off for queer film “Ife”.


The film stars Uzoamaka Aniunoh and Cindy Amadi. “Ife” tells the tale of two women who fall in love over a three-day date. However, they struggle with the realities of same-s*x love in a country overridden by sanctimony and hypocrisy.


For director/writer, Uyai Ikpe-Etim, Nollywood still struggles to come to terms with properly representing LGBTQ people and  “Ife” seeks to change this narrative.

Post-Production Kicks Off For Nollywood's Queer Film "Ife"

As a film director and storyteller, I understand how storytelling can be used positively or negatively. I’m always concerned with how stories can be used to build up or to destroy.

I wanted to create something that would restore the dignity of LGBT+ people in Nigeria. Something they could be proud of. I wanted them to see themselves represented as regular humans who fall in love, who have their hearts broken, who break hearts, who love their families etc. Just regular people, who exist, who matter and who deserve to have their stories told. We are pretty much saying with this film, “we are queer, we are here and we are proud”. Said Ikpe-Etim.

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For Pamela Adie, producer of the film, demanding a change in Nollywood’s LGBTQ narrative is a top priority. Also amplifying the voices of l*sbian bis*xual and queer women in Nigeria is a dream she pushes this through her nonprofit organization, Equality Hub.


“We chose to make this film because of the dearth (if any at all) of stories centered on the realities of l*sbian, bis*xual and queer women in Nigeria. LBQ women are mostly portrayed as people to be assaulted, or the object of the male gaze and gratification, and even ridiculed.

It’s not going to be on YouTube, we are building our own platform where people can pay to watch movies like an on-demand streaming platform. Maybe if Netflix decides to show it after a year of release, why not? For now, we don’t plan to release it on any other site”. She said.


The film’s official trailer drops 15th July ahead of its release billed for later this year.


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