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Possible Implications Of BMW’s Claim Of Selling 500,000 Electric Cars

On Thursday, 19th December 2019, the BMW Group claimed to have sold 500,000 electric cars. The German car company also announced that they plan to double the figure for sales by 2021. Speaking about the landmark achievement, Oliver Zipse, Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG said:


“Half a million vehicles is the best proof: Our broad range of electrified vehicles is meeting exact customer needs. Now, we are stepping up the pace significantly: we aim to have one million electrified vehicles on the road within two years.


“This is our contribution towards effective climate protection.”


BMW electric car
A BMW electric car. Photo: InsideEVs


What could this possibly mean? It looks like the developing world is getting rid of fossil fuel’s most used product: Petroleum. Climate change is pegged as a resultant of the unrestrained industrial and commercial use of oil. But with the change coming, it seems the world is finally ready to outgrow this dependence.


If electric vehicles become more mainstream and affordable, the world may start to open its eye to this unstoppable revolution. Generating electricity to charge the cars and durable batteries are some of the challenges this innovation currently faces.

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There is also the issue of politics as some world powers are dependent on oil to make money. Despite these challenges, many experts think it is inevitably going to be commonplace soon.


Other Companies in the electric car industry

BMW is not the only company in the field of electric-powered vehicles. Mercedes-Benz has the B-Class Electric Drive and the EQC. Kia manufactured the Soul EV that has a top speed of 90 mph.


There is also the Mistibushi i-MiEV electric car and the Peugeot iOn. It will not be complete to talk about electric cars without mentioning Tesla. The company is a leader in this field with several of its models already in the market.


Tesla electric cars also come with auto-drive features and the latest is the Model 3. Also, the company recently launched its futuristic truck but it has not started mass producing this.


Countries still dependent on the wealth potential of oil would be wise to start seeking ways to cash into alternative methods of generating electricity.


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