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Portugal Vs Uruguay: Pitch Invader Interrupts With Rainbow Flag

Portugal vs Uruguay clash was briefly interrupted by a pitch invader waving the rainbow flag representing the LGBTQ+ community.

In addition to protesting the ban of such symbols in Qatar during the 2022 World Cup, the invader also had two more causes to call attention to:

  • In front of their shirt, they had the superman symbol and an inscription that said ‘Save Ukraine’
  • On the back of their shirt, there was an inscription that said ‘Respect For Iranian Woman’.

So, in one move, the pitch invader, whose identity is not known, called attention to three different humanitarian causes.

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The situation in Qatar has been tense since the country revealed that any public display of support for LGBTQ+ rights were not allowed. This ban also meant that clothing items with clear rainbow inscriptions were not permitted as well as the captain armband, which we have seen all through the English Premier League season.

Despite the Portugal vs Uruguay match result being important because of what was at stake, the rainbow flag pitch invader was trending higher than it on Google search trends.

According to a CNN report, Qatar security officials have been polite but resolute in keeping their word about LGBTQ+ support at the World Cup. Spectators who have attempted to enter the stadium with rainbow-coloured items have been ordered to remove them before being allowed entry. Camera coverage has also tried to not give any publicity to them.

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