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Popular Twitch Streaming Is Making A Comeback To The Xbox Dashboard

Popular streaming service Twitch is making a comeback to the Xbox dashboard. This feature was first removed from the Xbox dashboard in 2017 after its 2014 debut. This new addition is currently in testing for its Alpha-beta tests.

Twitch streaming has support for webcam, alongside integration with the Xbox dashboard for gamers. In its insider release notes Alpha Skip-Ahead (2111.211022-2000), gamers can Twitch by navigating to the “Capture and Share” tab and choosing “Live streaming”.

Then they would have to link a Twitch account using a mobile device or through the console settings. Once that is done, hitting the “Go live now ” button would begin Twitch streaming.

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There’s also available for the latest beta build, an option to test Xbox Cloud gaming on the Series X and S. Xbox now has a refreshed crisp 4k dashboard on its Series X consoles.

Xbox Refreshes Its Series X Interface With Crisp 4K Dashboard And More

Parent company Microsoft has rolled out the latest globally to gamers this week. Initially, its pricey Series X console couldn’t run a native 4k resolution dashboard. It only managed to upscale its 1080p resolution to 4k, which looked grainy most of the time.

Microsoft’s latest update solves all of that and more. The company even shared an image to show the difference with the new update. The Series X dashboard now has “increased sharpness and improved text readability” it said.

The Redmond based company first made the announcement, via Its Insider program some weeks ago. Basically, its UI ie its interface is getting a refresh. Before this, the Series X dashboard was displaying at a full high definition (1080p) resolution. Weirdly, for a console that could output games in 4k resolution.

This is great news for the Xbox community and for Twitch streamers. The popular streaming platform integration with Xbox newest consoles series S and X is exclusivity well made.


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