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Mark Zuckerberg presents the Pope with a drone. Photo: NBC

Pope Tasks Big Tech To Tackle Child P*rnography

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Pope Francis calls on big tech firms to remove child p*rnography from the internet. Companies like Facebook, Apple, Microsoft and Google were inclusive in the list. He also stated it is too easy for youngsters to access indecent material.


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg presents the Pope with a drone. Photo: NBC


Pope tackles child p*rnography

Pope Francis said on Thursday that companies — such as Facebook and Google — needed to take action over child p*rnography.


To prevent children from being able to access obscene materials, preventative measures should be put up. He then urged social media companies, search engines and IT firms to do all they can to erase child p*rnography from the internet.


The pope also said during a Vatican seminar with religious leaders and high-level tech delegates,

“There is a need to ensure that investors and managers remain accountable so that the good of minors and society is not sacrificed to profit.” 


The summit ran for over two days. Guest speakers were from Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Paramount Pictures, and officials from the EU and UN.


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Protecting children

The Catholic Church is trying to increase awareness about protecting children and technology as part of its response to a string of s*x abuse scandals involving priests.


The Vatican’s reputation has received a lot of blows due to allegations of s*xual abuse.


On Thursday, Spanish Jesuit Juan Antonio Guerrero was appointed as the new Vatican economy minister to succeed Cardinal George Pell, who was convicted of child abuse in his native Australia. Pell is currently appealing the conviction.


Meanwhile, last year, one of his senior diplomats, Carlo Alberto Capella, was sentenced to five years in prison by a Vatican court for viewing child p*rnography.

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