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PlayStation Slashing Prices Off Games To Stay Keep Beating The Market

Throughout February 2020 alone, the PlayStation company slashed prices off many games from its PS4 console. As of 19th February 2020, the number had reached about 10 games in its games store.


Making the announcements via its Twitter page, Sony’s PlayStation continues its rampaging price cuts. Sometimes, it announces as much as two price slashes in a day.


The PlayStation was developed and marketed by Sony Computer Entertainment. It has been in the Japanese market since 3rd December 1994. However, it entered North America on 9th September 1995. Since its beginning, PlayStation has spread around the world.


Now, it seems it is trying to beat market competitors by using the oldest tactic in sales: price slashes. On 16th February 2020. its handle announced cutting some money off Call of Duty: Modern Warfare — Battle Pass Edition. It had tweeted:


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It had also taken up to 70% off the price of its Batman: Arkham Collection. But are things really looking bleak for the gaming company?


According to a Business Insider article on how gaming consoles did in 2019, we learn the following. The experts had reached a consensus that the 2013 PS4 console’s successor, PlayStation 4 Pro, was the overall best gaming console.


By sales, the website named “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” the most bought video game of 2019. It had sold nearly $600 million in its first week according to the report. While PlayStation hosts this game on its platform, it is by no means exclusive to it as it can be played on Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.


Also, noting that on Business Insider’s list, Take-Two Interactive and Electronic Arts have more than one game means PlayStation games face in the market.


PlayStation’s Vice President of Global Marketing Mary Yee announced the release of the “PlayStation Player Celebration” on 19th February 2020. This initiative is to commemorate over 100 million people creating “life-long memories” on the PlayStation 4.


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