PlayStation Now Is Finally Getting Support For 1080p Streaming

PlayStation Now Is Finally Getting Support For 1080p Streaming

There are two core services which make up the online PlayStation experience: namely PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now. You can find out more details about each of them in our dedicated article here, but in a nutshell, the former allows you to play multiplayer games online and also throws in a selection of games each month that you can play for free. Meanwhile, the latter allows you to stream a vast library of games to your PS4, PS5, or PC.


Up until now, streaming on PlayStation Now has been limited to 720p resolution, which doesn’t impact old PlayStation games as much, but significantly pulls back the visual fidelity in newer titles. This is set to change soon as Sony has announced that it will start supporting 1080p streaming for capable games this week:

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It is interesting to note that Sony first promised to roll out support for 1080p streaming back in 2019; and it took two years for the plan to come to fruition.


All in all, this is good news for gamers because it offers them titles in higher resolution; bringing them in line with the visual fidelity offered by games being played in the traditional method. On the other side of the fence, cloud gaming via Xbox Game Pass is currently limited to 720p too; but we do know that Microsoft is testing out support for 1080p streaming internally as well.



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