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Play My Emails Comes To Outlook For Android Users, Listen To Cortana Read Your Messages

Outlook for Android users are finally getting the Play My Emails feature that lets them listen to Cortana read their messages. Since going through all your emails may take up your time, learn more about this new feature.


Announcing the Play My Emails feature on its Outlook for Android app, the company Tweeted:



Microsoft had initially rolled out the Play My Emails feature for Outlook for iOS users in November 2019. This feature was important because many people were adjusting to working remotely. To help organise time and tasks, the software offers unique ease.

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Microsoft had said in May 2020, “Play My Emails offers you the ability to listen and respond to what’s new in your inbox when you need to step out to get groceries or walk the dog, when your hands are busy taking care of household chores, or if you need to take a break from extended computer time.”


Additionally, you can quickly deal with invitations in emails. When Cortana asks you about an invitation in Outlook’s Play My Emails, you can quickly opt to accept or decline the invite.


It also lets you know specifics of meetings such as the particular day. If you make a decision, Cortana will reply to the host on your behalf. Here is a short video of how the Outlook Play My Emails feature works:



Microsoft assures users that with this feature, they are sure not to miss a thing.


The feature starts with a summary of new, unread emails and event updates. If the software determines that it is an important issue, it can set up a meeting for you at your request. While it may do this within a 30 minutes’ timeframe, it also takes note of the sender’s time zone and informs you appropriately as well.


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