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Plat4om Streaming Wars: Here’s All You Need To Know About The Game

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With social distancing firmly in place no thanks to COVID-19, all entertainment activities have been ground to a halt.


Thus, we are seeking new ways to keep our music culture thriving, because if we do not have music, what really do we have?


Plat4om Streaming Wars is a music game to air on Instagram Live where a player chooses a particular artist and tries to outdo other players with a number of hit songs from the selected artist.

plat4om streaming wars


Think of it as a video game, this time your avatar is your artiste. Regardless of how big or small the artist you’ve chosen is, the onus lies on you to make the best out of the artiste by how smart you play.


Winning largely depends on not just the artist you choose but how well you catalog the songs, how you introduce them, how you switch, the tempo you maintain, and generally, the heat you bring.


For each session of Streaming Wars, three artists will be picked and announced on our Instagram page before the due date. If you wish to participate, you then go ahead to select your artist and prepare your songs, waiting for the big day.


You have to be a follower of @Plat4om on Instagram to be eligible to participate.


When we go live on Instagram, you’ll request to join in. The host will choose randomly from those requesting to join. As soon as you join, you’ll state the artist you’ve picked and proceed to play your songs.


Five minutes is the slotted time for each player after which the next player will be plugged into the Streaming Wars. Do bring your best to thrill the host and audience.

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The audience through their comments will largely influence the emergence of the winner, as they play a key role in deciding which songs are hit songs.


Winners of each session will get a cash prize of N5,000 and a Shoutout on our page.

Music on Instagram Live

Now, like all games, there are rules guiding this one as well.

The Rules of Plat4om Streaming Wars

1) You’ll need two devices to participate. Your phone for streaming and another device for playing the songs. This other device could be a laptop or a phone. Just remember, the performance of your device would largely influence your chances of winning. It is also advised to use a device with a solid sound output, or one hooked to a sound system. 


2) Have your songs ready before you request to join in. If you’re chosen, time-wasting will not be appreciated as you may be sidestepped for another. If you’re playing the songs from YouTube or any other site, ensure you have a reliable internet connection.


3) You cannot request to join the live stream more than once. After you’re done with your 5-minute session, another contestant would be selected.


4) Once an artist has been picked three times, he/she cannot be chosen again.


5) In cases where there are doubts, the audience will decide if a song is a hit or not.


Remember, you’ll only have five minutes to give us the best of your artist so make it count.


Also, remember that players are chosen randomly from the requests we get. If you’re not chosen at first, no worries, as you can still join in on subsequent sessions with different exciting twists.


The first Plat4om Streaming Wars session will commence on Friday, May 8th, 2020 by 7:30 pm. Subsequent sessions will follow every Friday of the week.


So, see you guys on Friday and may the best player win!


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