You are currently viewing Plat4om Podcasts Episode 2: Treating Diseased SARS Officials

Plat4om Podcasts Episode 2: Treating Diseased SARS Officials

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On this episode of Plat4om Podcasts, four Plat4omers ⁠— Chidirim, Kolawole, Esther and Big Bear Stephen ⁠— have a sitdown talk about SARS officials.


2017 saw the rise of an #EndSARS movement, followed by one to #ReformPoliceNG. Earlier in 2019, the Nigerian tech industry rose up against the police squad. Developers cried out #StopRobbingUs, telling the officers that not everyone carrying a laptop is a yahoo boy.


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But still, these harassments and the complete illegal use of law have not stopped. How do we go about handling this so that our young men can feel safer?


Listen to the Plat4om podcast on diseased SARS officials below. Feel free to share your thoughts about it in the comments section below.



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