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Plat4om Podcast: Listen To Our Discussion On Virtual Worship During Lockdown

During the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, religious people had to find an alternative means to worship together, this led to the popularisation of virtual worship.


Listen as we discuss with two people who took the lead in ensuring that the virtual worship ran smoothly on their end. The individuals on our latest Plat4om podcast were in charge of setting up weekly (or more frequent) virtual worship for not just themselves.


They share their experience with listeners and shed light on what video conferencing tools they used. You can listen to the podcast below:


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It will provide insight into what challenges threaten the full adoption of virtual meetings in Nigeria. The guests will share personal experiences on how they were able to overcome some of the challenges they faced.


Also, you will learn about the methods they adopted and which of them failed and why. This podcast is really an eye-opener. If you are having trouble with setting up virtual meetings on your end, you should listen to this discussion.


It concludes with the guests revealing the opportunities that the pandemic has forced the religious crowd to discover. Going forward, there are many more things people can do with virtual meeting software that removes the need to meet physically.


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