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Pete Edochie Retains His Stand Against The Idea Of Kneeling To Propose

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Veteran Nollywood actor Pete Edochie has retained his stand stating that it is wrong for men to kneel when proposing to ladies.


In a recent interview, the actor revealed that it is the western culture to kneel all in the name of proposing to a lady. He went on to describe a man who kneels to propose as an “idiot but a bloody fool, and a  compound buffoon”.


He said:

“We try to copy white people. I believe in the core of our culture, the white man kneels to propose to a girl. That is why whenever you disagree with your wife, you are kicked out and your wife takes over the house. Don’t you know that? Then young men like you who are supposed to be taking over your destinies, are kneeling down before a woman. Doesn’t that make you a fool?


“I have lived with my wife for 51 years. Nobody has come to say stop beating this woman? Is it hatred that united us? Yes, you are an idiot. It is alright, kneel down before your wife. I will sympathise with you when she takes over the home.”


Pete Edochie Retains His Stand Against The Idea Of Kneeling Down To Propose


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This will not be the first time Pete Edochie will raise a trending topic that will trend on social media, with young people stating that the actor should let them express love the way they like.


What is your take on this issue? Should men kneel while proposing to their girlfriends or should the tradition be stopped in 2020.


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