You are currently viewing Kanye West’s archnemesis Pete Davidson could be going to space

Kanye West’s archnemesis Pete Davidson could be going to space

Pete Davidson is on the verge of completing a deal with Blue Origin that will see him become a passenger on the company’s next space flight.

Page Six reported that SNL host Pete Davidson was completing a deal with Blue Origin. While the comedian has said nothing about this, his sources confirmed it to the news company.

“Pete is excited. They haven’t signed a contract yet, but it looks like it’s going to happen. The details are being finalized,” the unnamed source said. “He got on really well with Jeff when they met.”

The later part of the statement references the January 2022 dinner that Bezos and his partner Lauren Sanchez hosted for Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson. It seems that the comedian is not only popular with the ladies.

Besides Bezos, Davidson had previously met with Elon Musk and played an astronaut alongside the SpaceX boss in an SNL sketch. However, it is still unclear if the comic paid for the flight or charmed his way into getting a seat.

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Blue Origin has refused to reveal its flight pricing to the public, but Davidson’s $8 million net worth makes it unlikely that he bought a ticket (unless it is less than half a million bucks like Virgin Galactic’s).

Of course, given Kanye West’s public rivalry with him, social media users could not help themselves but make jokes about the news. The most recurring is that Pete Davidson was going to space just to avoid Kanye West.

Regardless the reason, it is good to see that space flight is becoming so much easier to complete that astronauts are not the only ones flying out of the earth.

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