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People Nearby 2.0 and More, What’s New In Telegram’s Latest Update

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Whatsapp remains the most popular messaging app, however, Telegram is most popular amongst those big on privacy and regarded as more user-friendly. In 2019, new updates like theme Editor, a “Send when online” feature and verifiable builds were added to the Telegram.


The developers behind the app also released an update with new kinds of Telegram polls. This includes an option to tweak the appearance of message bubbles and download progress counters on Android.


The latest Telegram update sounds more exciting and we will just look at what’s new in the Telegram 5.15 (latest updates).

People Nearby 2.0

Its first version allowed users to exchange contact information face to face. This latest version operates very similarly to a dating app, which potentially makes it easier to contact nearby users. The option is located in the Contacts menu. Telegram users who wish to meet people in nearby locations should do the following:


Contacts > People Nearby> Tap Make Myself Visible.


This will display the user’s profile to others around. People nearby will also be able to find and send you messages to you.


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Redesigned Profile Pages

The redesign aims to make profiles more functional and beautiful. It makes it easier for users to see photos, videos, and links they’ve shared with anyone using the app. Users can also browse through the profile pictures of their contacts with ease.


Telegram Update
Photo: Telegram

Intuitive Media Browsing

This update allows users to flip through media from chats and profiles with taps as opposed to repeated swiping repeatedly swiping. Tapping the right or left side of an image will make it go forward or backward.


The update also offers new animated emoji to the app with 17 different animated emoji to choose from.


Take a look at the official changelog for the Telegram v5.15 update:

  • Access shared media directly from the redesigned profile pages.
  • Pull down to enlarge profile pictures.
  • Flip through photos by tapping on their left or right edge.
  • Tap on your chat partner’s profile picture to immediately expand it.
  • Make your profile visible to others in your area from ‘Contacts’ > ‘Add People Nearby’ and make new friends.


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