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Peloton and iFit settle patent lawsuit out of court

Peloton and iFit have finally settled their patent lawsuit out of court after six months, they kept mum over the financial details as expected. However, experts feel that there were likely some payments from iFit because of the additional details of the settlement that were gleaned.

For example, while iFit agreed to remove some of the leaderboard features that it used on its devices, Peloton also licensed some of its patents to the company.

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In November 2021, Peloton had filed charges against fitness companies iFit and Echelon. It accused them of infringing on its on-demand classes patent. As a little insight into what a Peloton lawsuit could mean, the company which saw a massive growth during the lockdown had forced Flywheel, another competitor, to shut down due to a patent lawsuit.

Thus, iFit did the smart thing to avoid prolonging the court case. Also, the relationship between the two companies have been rocky from that start as Peloton once sued iFit (when it was still using the trading name of Icon Health and Fitness).

While Peloton had grown explosively during the pandemic lockdown, it has struggled financially in the past months because many customers are returning to their regular routines before the virus took over.

With Peloton confirming that the two parties are pleased with the settlement and happy to put the litigations behind them, it is assumed that it came out of this one a winner.

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