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Paul Okoye Drags Davido For Shading Celebs Who Attended His Birthday Party

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Paul Okoye has clapped back at Davido after he called the celebrities who attended the separate birthday parties of the defunct Psquare group Puss**s.Davido

Afrobeats superstar Davido had criticisied celebrities who attended Peter and Paul Okoye’s separate birthday parties.


The two warring brothers had held different birthday parties to mark their birthday on November 18th. The parties were attended by several celebrities and friends of the brothers. Peter held a small indoor party while Paul had a poolside party with Yemi Alade, Harrysongz, and Jude Okoye.


Davido, a day after took to Twitter to shade the celebrities who attended the different parties calling them puss**s.

“Y’all niggas that wen to Peter and Paul’s bday separately y’all p***y as f**k!! Them niggas is TWINS !! Not my business but S**t hurts I’m angry Walai,”

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A pissed off Paul Okoye replied to Davido saying he was disappointed in him for his comment.

“On what level and what audacity do you have to call my family and friends p***y. Bro, has it come to that? am highly disappointed with you,” he wrote.

Paul Okoye

“You don’t have the right to insult my family and friends. That’s f*cked up. For your info, 90% of those that came to mine still went to his. Same the other way round. And I respect their decision.”


Things hit the rocks for the Psquare group in 2015. They were first rumors hinting at a break in the group but Peter squashed them.


However, in 2017, tangible evidence surfaced that the group was no longer together.

According to reports, Peter had sent a letter to their lawyer asking for the dissolution of the group. He alleged Paul cancelled their shows and tours and he alongside their elder brother and manager Jude “Engees” Okoye threatened his wife and family.


Things got to hilt when a video of them insulting each other and almost exchanging blows in their lawyer’s office surfaced on the internet.



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