You are currently viewing Pastor Jerry Eze Talks About How His Marriage Struggled At A Point In His Life

Pastor Jerry Eze Talks About How His Marriage Struggled At A Point In His Life

Famous Nigerian Clergyman Pastor Jerry Eze, the founder, and president of Streams of Joy International has recounted how his marriage almost crashed.

Pastor Jerry Eze Talks About How His Marriage Struggled At A Point In His Life
Photo of Pastor Jerry Eze and his wife Eno

Media personality Chude Jideonwo released his interview where he disclosed details of how his marriage almost hit the rocks to commemorate his 40th birthday.

Eze said during the period of his marital crisis which he described as “our illumination period”  he and Eno Jerry, his wife, had issues coming to terms with his role as minister and a husband.

The pastor said his wife eventually realised his real personality “when she came full circle”.

“My wife and I had our own illumination season, so to speak. If you read her book ‘I Almost Ruined My Marriage’, she needed to see the pastor in me, not necessarily her husband during those turbulent times,” he said.

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“I didn’t realise why God was causing me to be in that place of being moulded by her actions. Being a true Christian by her.

I mean, things were not going too well and I was still in that place where I was trying to be the great spouse… when she came full circle, she realised that you know what, beyond this supernatural and manifestation, this man is a true Christian. Like, this is what it is. And that it’s not acting.

Pastor Jerry Eze is the convener of New Season Prayers and Prophetic Declarations (NSPPD), one of the biggest and most followed prayer platform in the world.

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