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Parler moves to cloud service as Parlement Technologies

Controversial social media app Parler moves to ‘uncancelable’ cloud services

Parler, the under fire conservative social media company, said that it is moving into the internet infrastructure industry and would now be known as Parlement Technologies. It plans to offer other businesses like it ‘uncancelable’ cloud services.

Going forward, it will no longer be the social media outfit it set out to be. Instead, it is restructuring to become an internet hosting provider.

Parler (now Parlement Technologies) began its cloud service business by acquiring Dynascale, a California-based cloud services company. It did not say how much the acquisition set it back but it must have been about $30 million or more as Dynascale’s reported annual profit was about that amount.

The former social media company will inherit the 50,000 square feet data center space that Dynascale owned.

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“We are entering a new era as Parlement Technologies, one that goes far beyond the boundaries of a free speech social media platform,” the newly formed company’s CEO George Farmer said in a press release. “We believe that Parlement Technologies will power the future. And the future is uncancelable.”

Moderation issues, which saw both Apple and Google take down Parler from their app stores, meant that the parallel social media platform that was supposed to supplant Twitter and Facebook could not really take off.

It makes sense that it would restructure because Trump’s Truth Social platform is taking most of its would-be customers. Rumble, another such app, is also waxing strong. Now, Parlement Technologies is targeting other internet pariahs.

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