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Parler Is Back Online After A Month, But Not With Amazon

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After a month on the sidelines, alternative social network, Parler has come back online. The company announced that the site is now accessible for users with existing accounts but will accept new signups in a week.


Parler also announced a new interim CEO: Mark Meckler. Meckler had previously cofounded right-wing group, Tea Party Patriots.


Apple, Google, and Amazon Web Services had suspended service in response to the January 2021 attack on the US Capitol. The company gave violent and unmoderated threats on the platform as the reason for shutting the site down. The site went offline on 10th January 2021, after the suspension of its account by hosts, Amazon Web Services.

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In a press release announcing its return, Parler says its return is supported by “robust, sustainable, independent technology”. In January 2021 the site transferred its domain registration to Epik. Epik is known for providing habitat to “de-platformed” far-right-friendly sites.


Despite coming back online, the storm isn’t over for Parler though. Apple and Google still haven’t restored the app to their respective stores. It has a court case with Amazon that might not go its way.


The company fired its former CEO, John Matze, in early February.  It’s now “conducting a thorough search for a permanent CEO” who will replace Meckler.


That’s not all of its woes. In Congress, the House Oversight Committee chair Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) has requested documents on Parler’s financing and operations.



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