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Parler Finally Takes Down Something: Withdraws Antitrust Suit Against Amazon

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Parler has withdrawn its antitrust lawsuit against Amazon. This brings to an end two months of trying to legally compel the company to reinstate its hosting account.


The company filed a motion in the federal court for the Western District of Washington affirming its new position. The company gave no reason for its new position but still reserves the right to refile on similar grounds in the future.


Parler was due to file an amended complaint in the case on the same day it decided to withdraw its case. The company failed to meet an earlier 16th February filing deadline and got a two-week extension from the court. It won’t be needing that extension now with the case withdrawn.

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Amazon had suspended its service to Parler on 9th January 2021 after a mob attack on the Capitol building. The company tried to use antitrust law to force Amazon to restore service to its app but found it difficult in court.


In a response to Parler’s original filing, Amazon revealed that it flagged over 100 violent threats the company had flagged to Parler in the weeks before it took it offline. One of the flagged threats was addressed to Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, telling him; “you will die a bloody death”. Parler instead refused to moderate the content, citing its free speech policy.



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