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Pakistan’s First National Science & Technology Park To Be Inaugurated In December

The premier of Pakistan, H.E. Imran Khan will inaugurate the National Science & Technology Park (NSTP) on 9th December 2019. This will be the nation’s first science and technology-themed park. The country’s capital Islamabad hosts this structure. Pakistan’s widely acclaimed  Engineering and Technology University houses this new innovation.


The NSTP Building. Photo:


Innovators and startups are the main targets as it would be the country’s most prominent research site. This is seen as an effort to help build the economy through scientific and innovative interactions.


The NSTP project cost over 8 billion Pakistan rupees. Investors see it as a nurturing ground for business growth. The park is expected to live up to its promise as the country’s government are throwing all they have at it.


It draws industry movers like military-industrial-complexes and large businesses. Also, small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) and many more. The park has the government backing as well as the reputation of Engineering and Technology University housing it on its side.


NSTP tenancy grounds for businesses.
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The National Science & Technology Park will have all that businesses seek. From brilliant minds to development spaces. The vision as quoted from the website is:


“To become a thriving and dynamic international hub for scientific and technological R&D and innovation …”


Which is achievable “by facilitating collaboration amongst research centers, universities, industry, communities, and Governments …”


This is not all as it will be “creating products and services with positive economic and societal impact within the region and beyond.”


It is a member of the International Association of Science Parks (IASP), the only one from Pakistan. The NSTP also holds a membership with the World Technopolis Association (WTA). Also, it is a member of the Inter-Islamic Network on Science & Technology Parks (INSTP).


NSTP Auditorium. Photo:


The park engages in the following sectors: Agro Tech, Auto Tech, and Fin Tech. Also, it extends into Health Tech, Energy Tech, Ed Tech, Smart Tech and Def Tech. It offers tenancy to businesses on its grounds.


40 companies have already booked to attend the inauguration in December. And It does not look like they are finished yet.


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