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Pablo Escobar’s Brother, Roberto Sues Elon Musk

Pablo Escobar’s brother, Roberto vows to “takedown” Elon Musk after the Tesla founder started selling a flamethrower he says he and his brother designed.


An attendee operating a Boring Co. flamethrower to toast a marshmallow. Picture: DANIA MAXWELL/BLOOMBERG


Mr. Escobar says Elon Musk stole his concept for the flamethrower after one of Mr. Musk’s engineers visited the Escobar compound in summer 2017. He claims they discussed the idea of a “toy flamethrower,” inspired by the Escobar brothers’ stories of burning cash to keep warm.


The 72-year-old former accountant for his drug trafficker brother has also properly cashed out on the family’s infamous name severally.


Olof Gustafsson, the CEO of Escobar Inc, announced that they had also won a “cybersquatting” battle for the rights to the website


Documents from the arbitrator, based in Minneapolis, The Forum, show that they ruled against the owner of, who had been demanding $3 million from Mr. Escobar for the rights to the website.


Mr. Gustafsson said the website will start selling “a range of official Pablo Escobar products and merchandise” from next year.


In July 2016 Mr. Escobar began legal proceedings against Netflix over the show Narcos. The Series based on the life of Pablo Escobar. He demanded $1 billion.


Netflix lawyers said there was no case to answer, and Mr. Gustafsson said the case was settled privately in November 2017.


“Nobody stops Escobar,” he had said.

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“It’s Not A Flamethrower, Mr. Escobar” Elon Musk Responds

In January 2018 Mr. Musk’s company, The Boring Company, begun selling a novelty device. It uses a small propane tank and trigger mechanism to project burning fuel. The product is called Not-a-Flamethrower,  a result of customs regulations against transporting flamethrowers.


In July of this year, when Mr. Escobar first threatened to sue, Mr. Musk responded: “It’s not a flamethrower, Mr. Escobar”.


The Boring Company website displays the flamethrower and says 20,000 have been sold. However, they no longer have an option to purchase. But on eBay, they are currently selling for $1,200.


The Colombian maintains he will take legal action.


“We will soon file a $100 million case against him in America, and I will try my best to make sure he loses his stronghold in Tesla Inc,” threatened Mr. Escobar.


His own flamethrower is for sale on the website, modeled by lingerie-clad women, for $249.


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